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Best Swimming Gear for Resistance Training

Most elite short to mid distance swimmers have probably at some point used a resistance training device. These have a range of proven benefits to help swimmers with sprinting and explosiveness. Here is compilations of some of our favorite resistance tools.

1. StrechCordz Resistance Tubing

Resistance tubes are some of the best ways to increase explosiveness and work on sprints. Simply attach one end of the tubing to a secure object in the pool gutter or on the pool deck and attach the belt around your waist. When you swim the cord will try to pull you back making you swim faster and harder to get to the other side. They come in different colors representing the different levels of difficulty and how hard they pull back on you. They also come in different lengths. I've found that the shorter lengths are good for turning small hotel pools into practice pools when you are traveling.

2. FINIS Swim Parachute

With a stretch cord you are usually limited to swimming one length of the pool as its difficult to do flipturns. However with a chute there is no limit to how far you can swim. As the resistance of a cord increases as you swim farther, a chute applies constant force no matter where in the pool you are. These are good for swimming longer distance with resistance if you need more mid-distance training work. My only complaint with these is that once in a while you will kick the rope holding the chute to your belt which slows you down and can hurt your foot.

3. Polymesh Drag Suit

An easy way to incorporate resistance into any exercise is a drag suit. These slip right over your brief or can be worn without an under-suit (Make sure it has a lining). The advantages of these compared to the other options before it on this list is that there are no strings attached (literally). There isn't much to get caught up in when wearing a drag suit like strings or cords. The only downside is that some people find them uncomfortable if they fit too tight or too loose. There are many different brands or versions of these suits that you can find at Swim Outlet.

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