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How to find the best Swim Team/Club for you

Many people new to swimming or swimmers who are moving to a new area often times struggle to find a new swim team that fits them right. The level of competition and training level is definitely not the same at every club. The important things to ask yourself before finding a club are, "How much work am I willing to put in?", "What kind of swimming environment do I want?", "How much time am I willing to spend?", "Where do I am I now and where do I want to go with my swimming?". Once you answer these questions you can move onto the next step of choosing a club.

Swim Schools

If you don't quite know how to swim want your child to learn how to swim this is a good place to start. Swim schools have a high instructor to swimmer ratio making sure everyone is safe. Swim schools are ways to quickly learn how to swim and survive in the water.

Rec. League

A good start for young swimmers is a neighborhood swim team. These leagues teach swimmers the basic swimming skills such as the 4 strokes and how to race short distances. These also introduce swimmers to the competitive atmosphere of swimming. Usually these teams are led by local high schooler students or community members. Most leagues offer spots for kids of ages up to middle school or highschool. These leagues are good at introducing kids to swimming and usually lead to the next level of swimming, Club Swimming.

Club Swimming

The best way to really get into the sport of Swimming is club swimming. Club swimming offers kids a way to swim year round in many different levels of competition. Most clubs will have different groups or levels for kids to swim at to match their speed and skill abilities. Club swimming often times opens many windows for swimmers that lead to highschool swimming, college swimming and even Olympic trials. To find a USA Swimming Sanctioned team near you check out https://www.usaswimming.org/find-a-team.

Masters Swimming

If you are past the age for youth swimming then masters swimming is a great option. Masters swimming is a way for adults to stay in shape while having the option of competing in swim meets for some competitive fun. Adults of all ages and all swimming backgrounds come to swim at masters programs. From retired college swimmers to anyone just wanting to swim masters is a good place for almost everyone. To find a masters team near you check out https://www.usms.org/clubs

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