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The Best Jammers for Swimming in 2021

When looking for a good practice jammer you want a suit that is comfortable, low drag, and looks good. A comfortable jammer shouldn't have any baggy or loose areas and should stay on your waist without being uncomfortably tight. If you plan on swimming outside you might want to look for a Jammer that has UV protection from the sun. If you prefer more mobility in a suit Id suggest you check out our article on The best speedos for 2021. Without further to due this is Swammer's list of the best practice jammers for 2021.

1. Arena Carbonics Maxlife Pro Jammer

A good hearty jammer for almost every use is the Arena Men's Carbonics MaxLife Pro Jammer. The Maxlife line of suits uses a fiber made from polyester to make the suit extra flexible and durable. It also offers SPF 50 protection from the sun to prevent UV damage. On the front of the suit there is an inner liner which stops rubbing adds comfort to the wearer. If the spider web look isn't for you then there are several other design options available

2. Speedo Emerging Force

A common suit used for highschool and club teams is Speedo's Men's Emerging Force Jammer. This suit is known for being reliable and long lasting among teams across the country. The fabric which is 50% special polyester and 50% PBT makes it slightly thicker feeling than other suits. This fabric allows for fast drying and and good shape retention while having a SPF of 50.

3. TYR Castaway Hero Jammer

If Arena and Speedo aren't really your fit or style then the TYR Castaway Hero Jammer is the way to go. The fabric in the Castaway has a 12% spandex mix making it more flexible than other suits. The fit of this suit is compressive and is labeled as chlorine resistant. The suit comes in several other colors and also has SPF 50 UV protection. A feature that sets this suit apart is the antimicrobial lining that stops mold growth if the suit is left in your bag too long on accident.

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