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The Best Speedos and Swim Briefs' for 2021

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Most male competitive swimmers know that the way to go for practice suits is a brief. It provides comfort and mobility that you can't get in a jammer while still being low drag. However if you don't like the fit of speedos and want to try out a Jammer check out our list The Best Jammers for Swimming in 2021. They are also fairly inexpensive suits compared to jammers and women's suits (sorry ladies). There are a few different styles of briefs' when it comes to fit and shape. Many guys will realize that they have a bigger butt than others when suits are too tight while others will discover that suits look more like diapers on them. Also many of the suits on this list come in several different designs which for many swimmers, is the main focus when buying a practice suit. With that in mind here is Swammer's list of the best speedos and brief's for 2021.

1. Speedo Endurance

If you are looking for a practice suit that will last forever the Speedo Endurance is the way to go. The basic colors the suit comes in is two shades of blue and a black version. If you want to opt in for something more flashy, the Speedo Endurance + line of suits has a some cool designs. The fit of these suits is designed for people with slightly lager legs and butt relative to hip size. Some of the things that I like about the endurance line is its durability and comfort.

2. Arena Max Life

One of the most popular suits I've seen on pool deck is the Arena Maxlife line of suits. There are so many cool styles to pick from making them some of the best looking suits on decks. These suits tend to fit slighter tighter around the butt and loser around the waist. For some swimmers this fit is ideal while for others it isn't the best option. Some of the other styles this suit comes in is Spray Paint, Origami, Ombre, and many others.

3. Nike HydraStrong

The Nike HydraStrong is another option for a good all around swim brief. This line of suits uses a high polyester mixture of fibers to make the suit flexible and comfortable. This suit fits better on people with larger legs and butt and smaller hips. There are a few styles of this suit that come in various colors.

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